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Control Centre Design 


ErgoS specializes in Human Factors Engineering (HFE) of Control Centres. The aim of HFE is to optimize the work system, including job design, operator workload, control centre layout, workplace layout, instrumentation, information display, and environment.


Control Centre

Any workplace for control and supervision, including multiple screens and communication equipment is considered a control centre. Since 1985, ErgoS developed many control centres for process industries, power generation, traffic control, emergency handling, lock & bridge control, ship bridges and engine control room, security lodges, dispatching centres, and so on.


Human Factors Engineering

ErgoS relies on a systematic analyses of work situations. This provides insight in the relationships between human factors, such as operator workload and job design, the number of screens on a console and the measurements of the workplace. ErgoS fills the gap between engineering disciplines and users. 


Validation & Verification

More and more a formal Human Factors review of control centre design and operator workplaces is required. A review shall be carried out by independent certified professionals. ErgoS offers several review services, including the CRIOP methodology (CRIOP). A scenario method for Crisis Intervention and Operability analysis.



This website presents an overview of topics that have to be addressed during control centre projects:

  • job content and operator workload
  • control centre design
  • workplace design
  • interaction design - navigation and control
  • alarm management
  • Research project: the application of CCTV-camera technology, click here for more information about our research CCTV project


Power generation control centre - designed by ErgoS


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