Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering

Regulations & Guidelines

When looking for more information on HF in control centre design, we recommend consulting the following standards and guidelines:

  • The series of standards ISO 11064 (1998-2007) should be leading. The use of this standard is mandatory for many oil & gas companies, however not always in a full understanding of its scope. The scope is not only about workplace design (the operator desks), but also about task analysis, functional analysis, job design, interaction design, information display, work environment, and so on (indeed: all human factors).
  • Developed at the same time and partially by the same HF professionals, the Guideline Ergonomics in Process Control rooms, published by WIB International Users’ Association (Pikaar, 1998), will be useful, as it focuses more on process industries.
  • Specific guidelines on process graphics and alarm management can be found at EEMUA (2014, 2016), and the ASM consortium (Bullemer, 2008).
  • CCTV technology is recently emerging in oil & gas. Developments in the area of HF guidelines for CCTV system design are given in Pikaar (2015).
  • The CRIOP-report, initially developed for off-shore control centres in Norway (Johnsen; 2016). CRIOP stands for “a scenario method for crisis intervention and operability analysis”. Recent experiences applying this method are reported in the second case below. Read more at the consultancy page: Information Design.
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