Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering


A Human Factors design approach aims for an optimal design of control centres. A control centre is more than a control room, furniture and instrumentation systems. There will be human operators and human operator tasks. To achieve an optimal design, you always need to keep the Human Factor in mind. All webpages in this section deal with a successful integration of Human Factors in control centre projects.

Project Ergonomics

Integrating Human Factors in a control centre design can be done in many ways, ranging from a full HF Engineering control centre layout, workplaces, HMI, and operator tasks to just a (quick) check on compliance with standards and regulatory requirements. Read more about three different approaches to HF consultancy.

Integrate Human Factors in Engineering

HF work can be, and should be, integrated in general industrial engineering procedures. Read more on how to integrate HF activities effectively, as well as how to approach user participation.

Long Distance Consultancy

Human Factors Professionals need to know the local situation, even if it requires long distance travelling. This can be done very effectively. How: read more.

The impact of workorganization design

Any Human Factors contribution starts with a task analysis. This step is required to get information about how the human operators perform their tasks. It is also the key estimate operator jobload and the consequences of automation. Read more.

Alarmmanagement & off-normal messages

Alarm inflation is a huge problem in the digital world of process automation. Read more about the number of alarms an operator can handle and how to reduce the alarm rate.

Validation & Verification

A compliancy check on (company) standards, engineering practices, and regulations, is not a simple matter. It requires contributions and a collaboration of all stakeholders involved in the project, including operations (users). How to organize this: read more.

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